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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chive Talkin'--How to divide and transplant this perennial favorite

Here Arlene talks about prepping your chives for transplant to other areas of your garden. Chives are a perennial herb. When they get a little too big you can divide them and replant them--it's a two for one deal! You'll be sure to always have a supply, or you can give some to your family, friends or neighbors. These tips don't apply to chives only. This technique can be replicated on many different types of perennials.

Once the large clump of chives has been removed. The next step is to divide it. In this video Arlene talks about how she completes this step and the type of tool that she uses. First of all she looks for a natural break in the plant, then she uses a garden saw to separate the two areas.

Now that you have your chives separated, you can transplant them to another area of your garden or into someone else's yard! In this video Arlene goes over the steps necessary to prepare the soil for the transplants by first, digging the hole and getting the soil nice and moist.

Fear not if your transplants look as if they have seen better days in the weeks ahead. They are okay, but they are in recovery mode because they have had an operation. As Arlene says, "When you get home from an operation you don't look so good, but you bounce back!" That is what will happen in a month or so after your transplants have had time to adjust.

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