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Friday, January 15, 2010

Our First Sign That Spring Is On It's Way!

Arlene found a few daffodil buds shootin' through the dirt in our rose bed. (See photo below on the left.) These daffodils were a surprise to us but after some asking around we found out that sometimes ground squirrels and/or gofers will dig up previously planted bulbs and then move them to another location. If you have ever been on the UC Davis campus, then you why we are placing our bets on the ground squirrels.

Will our daffodil mystery ever be solved? Who knows! But since they are here we are going to enjoy them! The photo on the right is of the large daffodil bed planted at the campus's main southern entrance, steps away from the Good Life Garden and probably the place where our guerrilla rodent gardener removed the bulbs to then replant!

Have you ever had anything unexpected pop up in your garden? Let us know what it was or is and how you think it got there!

In our attempts to find an answer to the garden mystery we found a few facts regarding these beautiful flowers...

American Daffodil Society recommends not refrigerating the bulbs before planting because it will cause them to bloom early and stunt their stem growth. Also, don't use nitrogen fertilizers or fresh manures because these are commonly associated with bulb rot.

Once you are ready, pick a place in your yard that is sunny with good drainage. Try to put your bulbs in the ground in the fall, about 6-8 weeks before frost is expected. Planting recommendations for standard bulbs include planting the bulbs in trenches or holes that are six inches deep and six inches apart. At the end of the season do not mow down the foliage, rather let the flower die back naturally because cutting too soon will result in bulb loss and fewer blooms in subsequent years.

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