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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beet Harvest!

Here's a photo of a beet that Arlene pulled from the garden just over a week ago! Since it is difficult to get the scale, she included a pencil next to it! Isn't she the best?

What a meal this beet is going to make! I'd bake like a potato, then add some rice wine vinegar and goat cheese. I'd also saute all those greens with some olive oil and garlic. Yum! What would you do?

Check out these fabulous recipes from Food and Style for Spicy Beet-Green Crostini and Endive Boats with Fresh Ricotta and Roasted Beets. Don't they both sound incredible?

Beets owe their bright red color to betacyanin, which also acts as a potent cancer fighter. Beet greens are loaded with folate for heart health along with carotenes known to protect eyesight. Raw or steamed beet greens are high in Vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus.

For more information on beet nutrition as well as how to grow this nutrient rich vegetables, visit our website.

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