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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ed Nordstrom, Congratulations on Your Retirement! You Will Be Missed!

Join us in thanking Ed for all his efforts by posting a comment on this blog post!

Tomorrow is the first free herb (mostly lavender) harvest of 2010. That got us thinking how much we enjoy the campus and community participation at these events! If you have had a chance to attend, don't you think it's great? Not only do you have a chance to enjoy the outdoors and the inspirational landscape at the UC Davis Good Life Garden, but you walk away with something special grown right here on campus that you can enjoy with your next, it's free!

I wish I'd thought of it, but we have garden supervisor, Ed Nordstrom to thank for getting these free harvests off the ground. He is a passionate gardener and foodie who I would describe as secretly NOT a curmudgeon! (It took me a while to figure that out!) Thank you Ed!

Although we didn't get to work with you long on Good Life Garden related projects, we really enjoyed it. Life is definitely not going to be the same here without you. We wish you lots of interesting and fun new adventures in your retirement!

Join us in thanking Ed for all his efforts by posting a comment on this blog post!


Katie Hetrick said...

Ed! Do we need to say that it would be great if you still posted your feedback on the blog and facebook pages? Please keep tabs on us and send us your ideas!!

Katie said...

We will miss you Ed! Thanks so much for all your hard work. Keep in touch!

sal genito said...

There will only be one Ed .. a guy who not only knows his plants and how to keep things green he knows Shakespeare and was a wonderful resource when we installed the garden of the ladyes .... I will miss you Ed thank you for all you did to help us succeed... you are the best.. Sal