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Monday, April 26, 2010

Blog Recommendation Monday: READ BETWEEN THE LIMES!

First of all..great name, right? The author Carri describes herself as " organic gardener, lifetime farm girl, lover of all things citrus and anything green, limoncello fanatic, just enjoying a different world through my daughter's eyes. I like to use bad grammar, cuss words, and poor quality photos- it's kinda my 'thang." What's not to like with an intro like that?

Secondly, I just love the tone and the content. Check it out here: Read Between the Limes. It is so nice to read about one's real life gardening experiences and experiments! It's not always easy (See her entry about growing artichokes in her front yard: We're Having Babies.), and it's not always pretty (See her entry: My Ugly Garden.).

Best of luck to your new baby artichokes and wishing you continued success with the rest of your garden! We appreciate your support and interest!

Below is a photo of the artichoke plant (also known as the "big blue weed" by passersby) growing in Carri's front yard.

Below is a photo of the nasturtium flowers Carri has incorporated in her family meals. Nice!

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