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Friday, April 2, 2010

Nasturtium: The "AFTER" Story

Do you remember back in December when we let you know about how one of our nasturtium plantings got pounded by the wind? It looked like a hopeless cause. (If not, here is a quick link to that post.)

As our garden supervisor, Ed Nordstorm told me, "Fear not! Unless the roots are damaged, the plant will grow back." He was right! We gave it a chance and it has grown back with a vengeance! (It's kind of a philosophy for life don't you think?)

Do you have any gardening tips that can apply to everyday life? Let us know!

BEFORE (See photo below.)

AFTER (See photo below.) We managed to catch the first bloom of the season. These blossoms are very yummy and add color to all kinds of dishes.

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