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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shungiku Greens: Get to Know Them!

If you want an easy to grow, majorly prolific, beautiful green to grow in your garden, plant shungiku greens. You will not be disappointed! Ours are just starting to flower now with beautiful, edible yellow blossoms and guess what! The greens still taste great!

Below you will find a little information about shungiku greens from our Web site:

Chrysanthemum coronarium

Also known as chrysanthemum greens, shungiku produces attractive edible leaves and adds bright colors to your garden with its orange, cream, and yellow flowers that are also edible. The tender greens have a unique and zesty flavor. Harvest at 4-6 inches for fresh use or braising. Lovely 1-3 inch flowers make a nice addition to mixed salad greens, or can be used as an edible garnish.

Here are some quick tips on growing greens from the Organic Gardening Newsletter.

Here is a photo of what our shungiku bed looked like in February:

This is what it looked like a few days ago:

Every single one of those leaves is delicious and edible! No need to buy greens at the grocery store or farmer's market when you've got these growing in your garden!

Here is a photo of those deliciously beautiful flowers!

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