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Thursday, May 13, 2010

BEFORE and AFTER: Transition Time!

Doesn't everyone just love before & after photos? I know I do, so that's what we're bringing you today! We are transitioning to our spring/summer edibles in the garden right now! It is a little barren, but we are laying the 'ground' work for a prolific season of yummy produce by amending the soil with compost and Renovate Plus from Earthworks.

Next on our calendar, Arlene will be planting the produce we grow from seed and finally, on May 25, she, along with other UC Davis groundskeepers, will plant the starts we grow at a local nursery as well as the tomatoes that Wild Boar Farms has generously donated!

For now, here are some before and after photos for you to enjoy! Do you have any before and after photos you'd like to share? If so, please post them on our Facebook page!

BEFORE: In the before photo Arlene has just started harvesting the winter produce.

AFTER: This is what it looks like today! Slightly more barren, right?

BEFORE: This is a shot of what our artichokes looked like at the beginning of March.

AFTER: We have pruned the artichokes down to their roots. They will grow back next year! (This one already has started growing back! (Don't you love that ladybug on it!)) Over the spring/summer season okra will be planted here.

BEFORE: Here is our crimson clover patch at the height of its bloom! We planted the clover here to reintroduce the nutrients lost after growing corn in this area last summer.

AFTER: The clover was cut down and tilled back into the earth. This area is again ready to grow corn!


kate said...

GREAt shots- can hardly wait to see Spring/summer garden!

Ron McDonald said...

Do you have to cut your artichoke to the ground? and if so, when? Mine grow pretty much year round but I get disapointing chokes.