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Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer is almost here!

I visited Arlene yesterday and got an update about all of the exciting new plants going in next week! Check out the array of seeds we'll be planting.

These are just the new varieties that are different from last summer's crops. Pictured above are sugar pumpkins, martian jewels and sugar pearl corn, elephant head and Hopi red dye amaranth, and Kentucky wonder pole beans. Apparently last year the pole beans, though they had pretty flowers, didn't produce very well due to the heat. According to the Master Gardener website, the pollen of many different pole bean varieties dies at temperatures of 90 degrees and above, and they recommended the Kentucky wonder and blue lake varieties specifically for this area.

The scarlet runner pole beans didn't produce very well either, but the flowers were so pretty that we are going to plant them again! Check out how beautiful the plant was last year:
Some of the other plants we'll be adding are tomatoes, squash, melons, bush beans, cucumbers, eggplant and chillis. Yum! Check out the "garden" section of the Good Life Garden website to see all of the different veggies and flowers going in soon, and click on the images to learn more about the specific varieties!

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