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Monday, May 10, 2010

Blog Recommendation Monday: DigginFood

The DigginFood blog describes itself as "...a community table that serves up gardening and cooking inspiration for people who like good food."

Here is a quote about the blog from its author Willi Galloway,

I got the idea for DigginFood while I was harvesting some greens. I was thinking about what I was going to make for dinner and I realized that I read tons of gardening and cooking blogs, but none of them focus on my favorite thing to do: cooking with food fresh from the garden. So I decided to create a site where I could blog about what was happening in my garden and kitchen, share growing guides and recipes for my favorite foods, and tell stories about other people who like to grow and eat real food.
Sounds like it is right up our alley, doesn't it? We think you will like it too!

Here is a sample of the wide variety of content you will find:

Convert an IKEA Shelf into a DIY Seed Starting Station (No need to explain this!)
Inoculating Peas with Rhizobia Bacteria (Sounds scary, but is a good idea!)
Vegetable Trellis Round Up (Trellis options for all kinds of veggies.)

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