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Friday, August 6, 2010

Blog Recommendation... Friday! A big garden in a small space

We normally post blog recommendations on Monday, but it's been one of those weeks!  So sorry for the late entry, but we had to post this week anyway because there are so many cool blogs out there!
Like this blog -  My Back 40 (feet).  Chuck B, its creator, gardens on his tiny rooftop in San Francisco. Can you imagine gardening on a roof over-looking a city? How beautiful!  And he definitely utilizes the space in creative ways.

Chuck gets up close and personal with his plants and his plants' visitors. (Like the picture to the right, from the entry Full Sun in the Small City Garden.) And the picture below is a good indication of just how well he packs as many plants as he can into his 40-foot space. I would never guess this a rooftop garden from looking at this photo!

The blog focuses pretty heavily on photos, but Chuck always posts a brief caption about why he likes a certain plant or a plant's progress. He also includes tips on pruning, watering, or other tidbits he's learned during the season.

He also includes a column on the right hand side titled "N. Calif. Public Gardens," where he lists about twenty public gardens and their websites from all over the Northern California area - a very cool resource if you are looking for new places to visit.

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