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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hunter, angler, gardener, and gourmand. Is there anything that Hank Shaw can't do?  A former line cook, Hank spent 18 years as a political writer which he gave up to "walk a less travelled path" as a writer, caterer, and sometimes Sacramento State lecturer.  He now documents his quest for honest food - food that is locally grown, humanely raised, or that he hunts himself - on his website: 

Hank's site is extensive and packed with beautiful photos.  It has something for everyone - unusual vegetable recipes, exotic pasta recipes, how to cure your own meats, and for the more adventurous, how to prepare and serve wild game! Particularly interesting articles include "Shark Fishing in San Francisco Bay" "Want to Learn to Hunt? Get Started Now", and "How to Make Caviar."

Read all about caviar on Hank's site.
Go check out all of what Hank's blog has to offer.  If you enjoy the site as much as we did, you also have his book to look forward to, which is about hunting, foraging and fishing.

1 comment:

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook said...

Thanks for the shout-out! But, just for the recrod, there are all sorts of things I don't know how to do... ;-)