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Monday, August 16, 2010

Blog Recommendation Monday: Keeping a Tradition Alive

The blog A Growing Tradition is about one mans effort to keep his father's (and now his) passion for home grown food alive. Thomas, the blog's author, left his so-called "concrete jungle" for New England to carry on a family home gardening tradition, and pass on  memories of gardening with his dad.

Thomas is a very successful gardener!  I know by the wonderful photos he takes of his produce.  If you wonder what a particular variety is, he lets you know via his informative photo captions.  He also weighs his produce monthly, so you can track his progress.

Another bonus about this blog is all the online resources he links to that lead his readers to interesting articles and videos, inspirational blogs, blogs from around the world, foodie blogs and notable online seed companies.

Thomas not only writes about his gardening adventures but he also actively posts blog entries about both good and bad cooking experiences. Whether he is telling stories, making general recommendations or posting recipes, this blog is one to include in your subscription list!

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